How Can I Help Someone I Care For?

Friend Helping Friend

Friend helping Friend

If you are in a boat, and someone falls overboard, do you jump in and help them?  Maybe they created you in their reality to save them. When it’s someone who you love and care for, what do you do? There is a fine line about what to do for them. You step over that line and you are being overbearing and manipulative, yet on the other side of the line, you may feel passive and powerless.

When people that you care for go though challenges that to you might not seem necessary, know that it is necessary for them. Life always shows us where we are giving our power away and it gives us the opportunity to heal it, sometimes over and over again until we get it. This may be the way that they get conscious, so don’t go and try to personally fix it for them.

Well, what about doing meditations for them where you see everything turning out alright? That’s beautiful, but it probably would not make sense to them with the self images that they are holding, so psychically they would not be able to receive it. But here’s a simple variation on the theme that you can do which will be much more effective.

Imagine breathing them in and put love into, and infuse light into their situation and give it to their Higher Selves.  Their Higher Self is the non-physical aspect of them who has  their best interest at heart because they are part of them. Some people tend to think of their Higher Self as their guardian angel. They are not really, but it’s perfectly Okay to think of them that way.

 By doing this, you won’t feel powerless and their Higher Self can give it them in a way that they can receive it. Their Higher Self will thank you and it will make a difference. It will probably mitigate or lessen some of the intensity and some of the challenges, but realize that sometimes when others are going through their darkness, it is their turning point to the light. And even though you love and care for them and it can be devastating and painful for you to watch, know that by sending love to them, you are making their lives more elegant so that fewer hearts get broken and fewer lives get shattered. And with the holidays just around the corner, what could be a better gift?