An Awakening, Mapping Your Dream, Vol. 1

The publishing of my book, An Awakening, Mapping Your Dream Vol. 1, has been a realization of a dream for me. It is something that I dreamed about doing many years ago, something that I knew was part of my destiny, something that I kept simmering on the back burner of my mind because no matter what I did, it wouldn’t go away. Why, I don’t know, as I am not a writer by profession—I have never even taken a writing class; luckily, I was fortunate to have been schooled in a British isle where I received a very good foundation in English. So, who would have “thunk” that I would write a book? Evidently, I did.

This is why I would like to encourage you not to give up on your dreams. My unseen friend, Lazaris says,

“You never dream a dream, a true dream, that is, without giving yourself the opportunity and the means for making that dream come true.”

And when I say a true dream, what I mean is, “a true dream is built bit by bit upon the integrity of who you are. I am living proof of someone who gave herself the means and the opportunity for making my dream come true.”

The reason I think that I was successful in doing this is because I never gave into any of the things that would stop me, the major one being that I didn’t have the credentials to be a writer. Maybe that was a good thing because then I didn’t have the expectation to write, “The Great American Novel.” That put my Negative Ego to bed about competing with the other “great American novelists,” or by telling me, “Who do you think you are, that YOU could write a book?”

Another thing I didn’t do was to give into the idea of failure. In my book I write,

“Failure is a metaphor telling you that something in your Raw Materials, or your Tools are askew; therefore, don’t judge and beat yourself up, but change it.”

I devoted a whole chapter to creating and manifesting, where I define what the Tools and the Raw Materials are, and how you can go about creating what you want.

What I did do instead, was to follow the advice of my other unseen friend, Galexis, which is to connect to the three divine channels that are natural to us as human beings.

  1. The first is the Connection Channel—to Love, Touch and Heal. My goal in writing my book was to love, touch and heal myself, and hopefully others.
  2. The second is the Creativity Channel—to desire, imagine, and to create with passion, and to move energy in a dynamic flow of harmony and healing. What all of this means in a nutshell, is to get in touch with your passion.
  3. And the third is the Learning Channel—to grow, to become more aware, to expand the awareness of who I am, to know more of me. And that I certainly did by writing this book.

What I also did instead, which sums up all of the above, was that I wrote from my heart. And my heart had a lot to say. In fact, it wouldn’t shut up.