A Well-Kept Secret About Unseen Friends

Dog Telling Secret

Let me let you in on a secret about success. People are willing to pay good money to financial gurus and motivational speakers to teach them how to be successful, but I guarantee you, you will never hear them giving you this tip. If you want to be successful in life, form a relationship with your Unseen Friends.  Now, before you go “poo, pooing” this, and saying, “this is foolishness,” let me explain to you why.

Your Higher Self is the first unseen friend that you should form a relationship with. This is because your Higher Self is the higher aspect of you that is in non-physical form, and since you are a part of them, they have a vested interest in seeing that you do well. It is what you would call “self-sufficiency,” or taking care of oneself. The problem is that your Higher Self can see you failing, or in danger, and because this is a free-will universe, they are not allowed to assist you unless you ask for their help. Your Higher Self is the best friend you could ever have; however, in order to communicate with your Higher Self, you have to have a relationship with them. In my book An Awakening, Mapping Your Dream Vol.1, I explain how you can form a relationship with your Higher Self and the many other unseen friends who are part of your crew, and are with you all the time.

So, what are the benefits of having such friends?  There are lots. Since they are on the other side, they have a much broader perspective than you could ever have being here on the earth plane. Your Higher Self knows who you are, knows your destiny, and knows what you want to accomplish in this lifetime. Do you need much more explanations than that?

Well, how do you know if the information that you are receiving is from your Higher Self, or your Unseen friends? Your Negative Ego could play dress-up as your Higher Self, and then they would be able to really get you. That’s why you need to form a relationship with them. When you form a relationship, you get to know the person. You get to trust the person if they are trustworthy. You get to become intimate and vulnerable with them. How would you like to have a friend who doesn’t get grumpy because they had a bad day? Your Unseen friends are not perfect, but they don’t have bad days. How about having friends who don’t get annoyed at you for waking them up in the middle of the night? (they don’t sleep). How about having friends who can give you information that you need to know, only when it’s pertinent for you to know. In this technology and information revolution, that’s becoming a necessity if you want to remain sane and ahead of the curve.

That’s the secret of how I wrote and published my book. (See more about my book in my previous post). I had no idea what I was doing, but because I have a relationship with my Unseen Friends, I was guided every step of the way. Whatever information I needed for the next step, I either researched it, or someone, or something, like an e-mail, for instance, came into my life at the precise time with the information that I needed. If I started to go in the wrong direction, then I was gently steered to go into another direction. Even what seemed like a hitch or a delay, worked to my benefit.

You see, when you first start to form a relationship with your guides, if you don’t follow the information that is being given to you, then who in hell cares what you receive? You are not doing anything with it. But if your guides see you start to take action upon the information, they will do their damndest to make sure the information you are acquiring is correct. They don’t want to see you fail and end up in the ditch. They want you to succeed. So, if you know someone and you can’t find an explanation as to why they are succeeding; believe me, they have “Unseen Friends” they are not telling you about.


Spirit Quartz Crystal

Spirit Quartz Crystal

Spirit Quartz Crystal

Spirit Quartz is a crystal that came onto the scene about seven years ago. It comes out of South Africa and is clear or amethyst quartz, expressing itself as a single point or as a cluster. Encasing the point or cluster are hundreds of tiny clear or amethyst points. The reason why I have chosen to talk about it is because it is superb for working in communication, and with participation in group, organization, or community issues.

In creating this blog, I hope to form a community of people who have the same interests as myself, where we can learn, share and grow from each other. In Jamaica,  our motto is, “Out of Many One People.” I think this saying is more befitting for the melting pot of the United States of America, than for the little island where I am from. And isn’t that what community is all about? It is about many people coming together as one for the common good of all, yet at the same time, maintaining their ability to be individuals. That’s easier said than done.

On my website, I talk about the fact that crystals gather, hold, amplify and release energy. Well, Spirit Quartz has the ability to illuminate and heal discord and dissonance within individuals, groups and community. This week, I think we should have scattered a whole bunch of these crystals on the floor of the senate and the congress concerning the raising of the debt ceiling. Maybe, they would have knocked some sense into those senators and congressmen to put the country first, instead of their ideology. So said more directly, Spirit Quartz can be a powerful addition to building community, and it can be a valuable asset in working the magic to build alliances.

Welcome to My Blog

Suzanne Hosang

Suzanne Hosang

Hello, I am Suzanne Hosang. I hail from Kingston, Jamaica; however, I migrated to Miami, Florida at the age of 15. At that determining age, my heritage was already ingrained in me, so I am one of those transplants who has never lost her roots. As such, I have decided to aptly subtitle my blog, “Let’s Labrish,” as, in patois— the language spoken by the locals—“to labrish,” means to chat.

My home land has been the incubator for who I am. It is an island which is surrounded by sunshine and crystal clear salt waters; with mountains that touch the sky, and valleys vegetated by lush tropical foliage. There are rivers that feed waterfalls, and white sand beaches that people visit to refresh their souls and their spirits. It is a place where the earth truly loves herself. Yet, on the other hand, it has its savagery and brutality, generating artists such as Bob Marley to use reggae music as an expression for the woes of the people that come out of the cruelty of poverty. It is that dichotomy which has made me who I am.

I own a plant nursery in South Florida. Working with plants is just natural to me. This spills over into my personal garden, and into the Faerie Realm, and the all encompassing realm of Fire, Water, Air and Earth. Somehow, it’s in my blood and runs through my veins.

I have studied metaphysics all my life and I am also an energy healer. Being an energy healer came in the later years; however, it is what I consider myself, first and foremost.

I also keep animals. I have dogs, cats, birds and fish. Working with animals is my passion and compassion. I am one of those people who get suckered into picking up animals off the street. I used to breed birds for a hobby. Now I basically keep them as pets.

I also work with crystals out of the earth. I consider these sentient beings my friends.

These are the things that I will be talking about. The range is broad…so, Let’s Labrish.