Skull Crystals

Fred the Talking Head

Fred the Talking Head

Not all skull consciousness crystals are cut into the shape of a skull and not all crystals cut into the shape of a skull are skull consciousness crystals.  So how do you know? Well, you can ask it, or you buy it from a someone who you trust. The Shining Ones of Sirius introduced skull consciousness crystals to our earth in Lemuria. These crystals have a unique capacity to hold, gather and release information and were used by the Lemurian Dreamers and Lemurian Witnesses as record keepers. A witness would carry a skull consciousness crystal with him to record an event such as the signing of the contract, or a wedding, for instance. If he had more than one event to attend at the same time, he would then leave another skull consciousness crystal at that location to be witness. After the event had taken place, he would gather them up and download the data by placing the crystal to his forehead and receive the information. We have replaced that technology with video cameras, cell phones, computers and a host of other equipment.

Skull consciousness crystals are very “talkative” by nature. In my book, An Awakening, Mapping Your Dream, Vol. 1,  I describe one that came into my keeping named Fred the Talking Head, also known as Mr. Yackity Yak. Fred is the resident comedian who cracks me up all the time.

They are very good at dispelling and draining off negative or errant energy. My Unseen Friend, Lazaris says they are particularly helpful when dealing with anxiety. To use it for that purpose, you would hold the crystal with the intention of draining off that errant energy and you would imagine it doing just that, maybe by flushing out all that jangled energy from your head down and out through the soles of your feet. While you are doing that, feel the shifting and changing that is happening inside of you. Try it instead of two Tylenols and see if it works.



2012 Happy New Year

2012 Happy New Year

As we close out 2011 and enter into 2012, I am reminded that the world is supposed to end this year. Well, that’s the prediction of Hollywood, and of the seers, and of the doomers and gloomers. As I contemplated this on New Year’s Eve, I recollected a time line that my dear Unseen friend Lazaris, laid out back in April of 1995 which has come to pass exactly as he said it would. I’d like to tell you what Lazaris said in terms of where we have come from, and where we are going,  so that you can make decisions about where you would like to be. So, let’s begin.

Once upon a time, resources were the things of the earth—land, chattel in the form of cattle, in the form of horses, in the form of servants, in the form of serfs, in the form of slaves. The driving force was agriculture—the ability to plant seeds and make them grow and sell crops, to gather horses and tame them, to gather cattle to milk them, to get chickens to lay eggs to sell those eggs. Agriculture was the driving force, and “them” that had the most, were the most powerful and successful. They were the Lords, they were the landlords—they were the lords of the land.

About 300 years ago, things started changing. There was a revolution. It was called the Industrial Revolution and the Captains of Industry challenged the Lords of the Land and the Captains won, and over the last 300 years, the Lords have been replaced by the Captains. Success was no longer measured by how much land you had, but by how many widgets you could produce.

Now, there is a third, a new, a different driving force which has replaced agriculture and replaced industry. And this deity of profit is called “information.”

It does not matter how much land you have, or many widgets you can produce, what now matters is how much information you have access to, how you store it, how you use it, how you transmit it and how you receive it.

This intangible thing called information has now become a form. It has now become a “thing.” It has now become a commodity, and a very bankable commodity at that, and the Captains of Industry have taken control, but what they never counted on… was this. That somebody in a garage somewhere, would make this itty-bitty computer, and call it Apple, with a bite taken out of it appropriately. And you silly people, you never learn. You ate of the Tree of Knowledge, and now, you have… “information.” And as time has continued, the common man has access to information in his lap and in the palm of his hand. And with the Internet, he can talk to millions of people around the world without government interference. In 2011, this gave rise to such movements as The Tea Party, and Occupy Wall Street, where the 99% are saying, “No.” It has even led to the toppling of nations called the Arab Spring. And the Captains are mightily put out.

So, where are we heading? Information technology is moving us to an Innovation Age. Innovation in the form of talent and inventiveness will be the source of industry. Out of information, we are creating something that has never been done before. There are no reference points for the world we are currently experiencing, and those who try to repeat the past are failing miserably. That’s what makes this recession so different. We have had recessions in the past, but whereas; in the past, the factory worker always had a factory to go back to, in this current recession, those jobs are not there anymore.

Human resources will become the commodity of the future. And what are these human resources? In my book, An Awakening, Mapping your Dream Vol. 1., Lazaris calls these human resources, “human gifts and powers.” These gifts make us unique as human beings. The first human gift is being able to perceive and conceive, which allows us to be creative. The second gift is the capacity to think and evaluate. The third gift is the freedom to feel. The fourth gift is the freedom to choose. The fifth gift is the capacity to imagine. The sixth gift is the freedom to give and to receive. And the seventh gift is the power to heal, i.e. having the capacity to heal yourself and others. Lazaris says, whereas oil has been one of the most bankable valuable resources, as time unfolds, perception is going to be more bankable than oil. Thinking and feeling are going to become more profitable than how many widgets you have. Your ability to prioritize you needs, wants and preferences is going to become as good as gold. Your capacity to use your imagination is what’s going to draw the prices far more than pork bellies. Your capacity to consciously love and consciously heal is what is going to become bankable. In case you didn’t know, we have entered that time.

If you want 2012 and beyond to be happy years, here’s a tip. Whereas, value in academia is currently placed on attaining a MBA—Masters of Business Administration, it will be replaced by a MFA—Masters of Fine Arts where creativity, inventiveness and innovation rule the day. So get a head start by developing those God given resources that were bestowed on you because of the fact that you are human. Developing your birth “rights” are the keys that can unlock the door to the changing standards and the resources of the future.

Happy New Year 2012