How to Magically Manifest What You Want

Your reality that you have around you is a mirror of the function of you. It’s your reality.

Everything that you see is a reflection of what you believe, what you think and what you feel. In your reality, you are always right because as soon as you make a choice about, “this is what I believe, and this is what is right, and this is what is true,” by golly, you will magically experience it. Your reality will confirm for you whatever you believe is true.

Magic is an essence. It is not visible. Magic is an alignment of vibrations that precipitates energy into form through the use of your imagination, your beliefs and your choices. It lines up the episodes and events that will lead to what it is that you desire.

Now, this magic can work for you or against you. If you hold beliefs about yourself that you cannot have what you want, or that you are not good enough, or smart enough, or deserving enough to receive, then that is what you will manifest, or not manifest, should I say. We are all great magicians. If you look at your life and determine, “I am not successful. I haven’t manifested what I want,” then know that you are still a fantastic magician because you can create not having what you want. So, how can you allow what you desire to magically manifest? Here are some tips to manifest what you want:

  • The first thing to know in manifestation is what you believe and what you expect, you will look for, and if you look for it, you will find it. For example, if you look for a certain make and model of car while you are driving, you will find it because you are looking for it and you are anticipating it showing up. So, do not look for and anticipate obstacles.
  • What you want to focus on when you are manifesting is the emotional state you want to experience. In other words, dream the function and not the form. You want to go into the future and imagine what you want has already happened. Feel the feelings that you would feel if you had what you wanted and then start looking for it in your reality.
  • Do not let your monkey mind get in there and tell you all kinds of crap because it’s going to trick you. If you do that, then magic will align you on a life track where you will manifest what you don’t want. Is it any wonder your manifestations aren’t happening if you focus on your limitations?
  • Instead, align yourself with a loving supportive reality by saying to yourself, “Life is good. My reality takes care of me and takes care of everything I need. Things work out in great and magical ways for me. That’s just the way it is for me.” And believe that this is so.
  • Take action. You have to do some physical action towards getting what you want. You can’t just sit and meditate a fantastic life into existence.
  • Allow the magic to work. Remember, a watched pot never boils.
  • When it shows up, receive it.
  • And thank your reality, knowing that there is more of this where this comes from.

Trust your reality knowing that you are deserving of whatever it is that you want and it will be there for you.