A Tribute To Mitzie



My dog Mitzie passed away November 25th, 2011, the day after Thanksgiving. She was a stray that had her puppies on the grounds of my plant nursery. Since there is so much open land in the Redlands, people make a habit of releasing their unwanted dogs in the fields. So many times, my heart would bleed as I would see these dogs running in packs through my nursery.

So I fed Mitzie while she nursed her puppies and she was an excellent mother. When the puppies were old enough; luckily, the Humane Society adopted them and I got her spayed and I kept her. Through a channeling, she revealed to me that this was her first time on the planet and so far, she had experienced a very harsh and cruel life on the streets but knew that I could help her adjust to life on earth. Up until then, her experience with people was one where they shooed her and threw rocks at her.

Her movements were like that of a wild animal and she would dart out of sight and take refuge under a deck in my back yard. She would only come to me and she would hide in my bedroom whenever she was in the house. If anyone came into the room and cornered her, she would wet herself— that’s how scared of people she was. It took years for her to be able to be in the presence of anyone, and like a proud mother, I experienced the great joy of watching her develop. She was the most gentle and loving dog that I have ever come across.

During her life, she developed a growth on her back which I had our vet remove. Shortly after, the growth came back but this time with a vengeance. It grew quickly to be about the size of a grape fruit as if cut in half and placed on her back. After I had it removed for a second time, I consulted my guides to find out what was going on. They said that this was Mitzie’s way of “encapsulating” people’s bitterness. And, “those were her words, not ours,” they said. So I had to have a stern talk with her to tell her that even though she was trying to help the planet, she was not required to do this.

On my website, I had stated that I guess she got the message because the growth never returned. However, in September of this year (2011) the growth did return. Once again, I had it removed. Well, the week of Thanksgiving, Mitzie lost the use of her back legs. Being, as she was over seventy pounds, my daughter and I had to lift her to use the bathroom. By the end of the week, I knew I had to do the evitable because she had lost her dignity and her quality of life. In fact, she was now suffering and in pain. I remembered that in a past reading, she had told me she wanted quality not quantity of life.

On Friday morning, I took her to the vet and witnessed one of the most painful experiences of my life. This was not my first time but I have to tell you that it never gets any easier. I know that love means allowing greater freedom and I know she is free but that does not dismiss the fact that one of the hardest things is knowing how to say goodbye. I love you Mitzie.


Are You Ready…To Get Humble?

Lowly Worm

Lowly Worm

Humility as I have been taught, which I am sure you have been taught by the bible and other well-meaning sources is being this kind of groveling worm that says, “Oh God. I am so unworthy…What do you want me to do? Direct me and I will do whatever your bidding is.” Well, if you think that’s what it is, then you will be waiting for a very long time because God will never tell you what to do. This is a free-will universe; therefore, God will wait until you decide what it is that you want to do, and believe me, God has a lot of time on his hands. In this free-will universe, God/Goddess/All That Is always says, “Yes.” If you ask them, “Can I be lonely?” The answer is, “Yes.” “Can I have a car accident?” They will say, “Well, I wish you wouldn’t, but Yes.” Similarly, if you ask them, “Can I be happy?” “Can I be healthy?” “Can I have lots of money?” The answer is yes, yes and yes. The choice is always yours to make and God and Goddess will always affirm your decision.

In the same way, humility is a way of making you responsible for your choices. The real meaning of humility is the willingness to let every situation be brand new.

Humility says that even though I failed at this thing for the umpteenth time, I know that this time it can be different. Lack of humility says it probably won’t work again.

On the other hand, just because this other thing has always worked for me, I am not going to take it for granted. Humility says that whatever has gone before doesn’t mean it has to go that way again.

On the negative side, it’s easy to see, but on the positive side it is not as clear cut. If it has always gone great, then expect it to go that way, but realize that it’s up to you to create it that way. Know that it is up to you to continue to create it being as wonderful as it has always been. Because you see, what you are doing is being responsible for your reality, both the good and the bad, knowing that it is up to you to choose to make your reality whatever you want it to be. And it’s easy to do when things are going great. And when they are not, that’s when you have to remind yourself that just because it’s always been the same old grind, this time it can be different. And choose for it to be different.