Are You Ready To Give Up The Past–(Part III)

Our group met at one of Sibyl’s friend’s house to perform our private ritual of celebrating the Day of the Dead. We had a lovely breakfast which included Day of the Dead bread which is made only around the time of these festivities and can be bought at most any bakery in town.

Day of the Dead Bread

Day of the Dead Bread


Afterwards we took two flights of stairs leading to a partially covered rooftop patio. We sat under the covered area where the only wall supporting the roof was painted turquoise blue and decorated with “milagros,” which are religious folk charms that are traditionally used for healing purposes and as votive offerings in Mexico.  We lit a small fire in a pot placed on a coffee table cut from a slice of a tree and we formed a sacred circle around it.  Then we went around the circle letting each of us verbalize what of our past we were willing to let die and what we wanted to birth. Finally we burnt papers which we had written what we were willing to let die in the fire.


El Dia De Los Muertos (see previous article) gave me an opportunity to look at my past and honor it for who I have been. But it also gave me an opportunity to clear out the clutter of my fears, my angers, my limitations, my pains and my Shame that were holding me back from stepping into a new, never-been-done-before future.

A lot of times like the “Catrinas,” (see previous article) we are ashamed of who we are, so we wear these painted masks pretending to be somebody else. But you see, many times, it is within our darkness that we hide the light of our powers and our strengths. And because the “gems” of who we are, are held in our past, we are wise enough to know that we cannot let go of it until we extract them. And how do you do that, you may ask? My entire book is dedicated to teaching you ways in which you can take your power back.

It’s about weeding out by healing what in our past doesn’t serve us anymore while discovering and recovering those hidden gems. Once we have extracted them, we can let go of the past. And when those pasts are mourned and forgiven, it’s about seeding new futures that will reflect who we are becoming.

The gem that I discovered within the pain of my loss was the depth of my love.  You see, love’s fear is the fear of loss, and love’s pain is the pain of separation. I didn’t know the depth to which I loved, especially for my father. When my father died, I realized, “I am really afraid of losing love.” But I also realized that if I am this afraid, then the love that is there behind that fear must be pretty immense. Because you see, when your love is very deep, you have so much more to lose; therefore, the intensity of your fear and the intensity of your pain is so much greater.

There are people who are afraid to love because they are afraid to lose, or even more sadly, there are people who have loved and lost and have decided never to love again because the pain of separation and the fear of losing was too much.

When you do not love out of fear of loss, it does not make the fear go away or makes the pain any less. It just makes you a fearful, pain-filled lonely person. And it would seem obvious that if you love, then you risk the chance of losing—and you do, but the irony is, that when you go through the fear and into the love–even though the fear of loss does not totally go away, the intensity of the fear will come into balance and you get to experience the very thing that you want, which is the love.

I have chosen to go beyond the fear and beyond the pain to love even more. And my two new dogs that I have recently rescued, Bella and Boo, they are helping me to do just that because I prefer to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all.

So, ARE YOU READY…. to give up the past that doesn’t serve you anymore, and to retrieve the treasure so that you can become a more authentic you? I would love to hear about some of the gems of yourself that you have recovered. Please feel free to share.

P. S. Please see “Are You Ready to Give Up the Past-(Part I), and “Are You Ready to Give Up the Past-(Part II) for the entire story.

The following are pictures of some of the wonderful people that I shared this memorable trip with:

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Are You Ready to Give Up the Past?—Part I

Streets of San Miguel Allende

It’s been over two years since I last wrote on my blog and during this time I have gone into a self-imposed exile as the events of my life seemed to be trying to catch up with 2013, if in fact you believe that 2012 would be the end to an Old World and 2013 would be the beginning of a new one.


Well since 2012, I started physically losing pieces of my present. It came in the form of the passing of all my dogs, Mitzie, Snowy and Betty. And it didn’t just stop there. It continued with me making a gut wrenching decision to find new homes for a lot of my birds out of love for them and love for myself. It further continued with me losing my father in 2014 and at that point, it felt like I was lost at sea with no life raft to grab on to. These events were coming at me one after another and were the catalysts that propelled me into my Dark Night of the Soul. More appropriately, I would say that I was experiencing being in what my friend and mentor Lazaris calls the Dark Wood which is a metaphor for waking up one night and being in a place where you realize that “everything is wholly lost.” These literal losses were as if life was forcing me to change in ways that said that I could not go into this new reality if I was carrying around baggage from my past.


It is only now that I feel like putting pen to paper, so I would like to pick up from where I left off by taking you on a journey to a far away land where the events that were happening seemed to be paralleling my life.


My last post was on October 2, 2013 and at the end of that month I was invited by Sibyl English, the founder of to give a speech along with other speakers at the Wellness and Spirituality Expo in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, where the proceeds from the event would be donated to the Casa Organization to stop violence against women and children in San Miguel.

Brochure of Wellness & Spirituality Expo

Wellness and Spirituality Brochure

I hesitantly accepted as on one hand I was wildly excited but on the other hand, like most people, one of my greatest fears was public speaking.  However, I looked forward to my new adventure where I embarked upon a week-long tour of a most beautiful historic Colonial city that sits on a vortex about 7000 feet above sea-level where the hill-like streets are cobbled and lined on either side by long continuous walls painted mostly in yellow or burnt sienna and punctuated with doors made of wood or wrought iron depicting entrances to people’s houses or businesses. (you never know which) And even though the houses are connected and the streets are teeming with cars and people hustling and bustling; somehow behind those walls, you feel insulated as if nothing is happening outside.

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The town is filled with ex-pats who come there to retire, many of whom are artists who still live out their passion and sell their work. Behind those walls, the houses depict the Spanish architecture of entering a court yard before entering the main house.  Most of the houses are constructed on three levels with the communal areas leading out to an enclosed garden on the first level, the bedrooms on the second level and a roof top terrace overlooking the city on the third level. We stayed at a most charming hacienda with two fire places as being in a desert, the days would go into the seventies; however, the nights would dip into the forties at that time of the year. Outdoor had a beautiful covered patio with a spiral staircase leading to the roof. Adjoining the patio was the most enchanted garden with a water fountain.

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Sibyl took our group which comprised the speakers she had invited on a tour of the city, and the week was filled mostly with dining at her friend’s houses and at restaurants, as the town is literally filled with eating establishments as most of the retirees who live there spend much of their time socializing with each other. The town is so small that everyone knows everyone and there is no need really to have a car. People hail these green taxis that drive up and down the streets and pay three dollars each way to get where they are going. And it doesn’t take more than 5 minutes to get anywhere in town.  We even had our personal taxi driver that we would call wherever we wanted to get around.

Out Taxi Driver, Martin

Our Taxi Driver, Martin

We visited La Gruta which is a hot springs where the water is captured in three outdoor pools with one of them adjoining a tunnel made out of stones that lead to an underground pool where you can stand under a water fall flowing out of a simple PVC pipe. Talk about being in a sauna as the temperature of the water is about 100 degrees Fahrenheit. We spent the day relaxing in the water and having lunch in an outdoor garden.

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The trip would not be complete if we didn’t visit the Casa Organization where we were taken on a tour of the grounds. The center provides daycare for children and a place for mothers to find the support and the help they need to raise their families. We met some of the children and we learnt about the outreach programs to help educate the community about domestic violence.

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That inspired me even more as I gave my speech on Shame which is the foundation of my book, An Awakening, Mapping Your Dream, Vol. 1, as abuse in the form of domestic violence is one of the major ways that Shame is passed on. Giving the speech was also a time of growing and changing for me to push me out of my comfort zone of being an introvert and to step into the persona of being a public speaker, something that has give me much fear and trepidation as I previously mentioned. So one of the things I did before going on my trip was to spend some time dismantling these fears through some of the techniques which I teach in my book.

The highlight of my trip though was the Day of the Dead celebrations which were also happening that week. These events were a figurative expression of what I was experiencing which I will describe in detail in my next post.  I just want to close by saying that as I burn bridges to an old reality, I still feel disoriented like a turtle without its shell not having any concrete directions at this time; however,  I am so excited  as I build bridges to new reality, and most of all I want to say, “it feels good to be back.”

You Create Your Own Reality

We are each creating our own reality, twenty-four hours a day. The problem is that we are not conscious we are doing it. And how do we create reality? We create reality by either consciously creating it, or by allowing it. To consciously create reality is to deliberately go about trying to manifest something. For instance, you decide you want to buy a car. Are you just going to buy any old car? No, you aren’t. You decide on what make and model you want. You decide on the color. Whether it is gear shift or automatic. All these decisions are consciously putting together what you want.

On the other hand, people who are not consciously creating their reality are allowing reality to be created for them. When you allow reality, you work with the Law of Attraction. If you do not look at what you think and what you believe, then the thoughts that you have stored in your consciousness are going to, by default, go out there and pick up whatever is like it and bring it back to you.

I know that when I heard the concept that You Create your Own Reality, something rang true for me. I didn’t know how I knew, but I just knew that I knew. If you recognize that on some level, you’ve created everything, then knowing that you create your reality is a good thing because if you created it, then you can do something about it, as opposed to if someone else created it for you, then you will have to wait on them to fix it. You might be waiting forever. The whole premise for writing my book, “An Awakening, Mapping Your Dream, Vol. 1″, was to show you how you can create your reality.

Every time you make a choice or a decision, you are creating your reality. Now some of us are in situations where we feel powerless and that we don’t really have a lot of choice. It might be something we don’t want to do or something we are obligated to do by contract such as a job. Every challenge that comes to you is an opportunity, and every opportunity that comes to you is a challenge for you to be able to respond as a powerful reality creator and to make your choices from this position. That’s why you have an arrangement with life to show you where you are giving your power away in order to give you an opportunity to take it back and become the powerful creator that you are.

What if you had enough love and value of yourself that you could allow your reality to love and value you because it is consistent with who you are? What if all the unpleasant realities that come to you is just the universe’s way of saying, “Look, partner, here is an issue where you have in the past given away your power, your freedom and your love… and in order for you to be who you truly are; a powerful reality creator, you need to retrieve your power, your freedom and your love.”

If it’s something you have to do and don’t want to do, choose to do it as a creator and not as a victim. Choose to be an empowered being by saying, “I choose to do this in my light, and in my power while being fully present.” If there is a problem, say,” I am going to anticipate that this is somehow going to be solved with magic,” even though you don’t know how the magic is going to show up. When you make choices in your power, you and your reality get hooked up. And once you get hooked up consistently, your reality and your choice become one. When you and your reality become one, you better get ready to receive it. It’s time to love your reality and let your reality love you—by giving to you through choice, your desires and your wishes.

Goodbye Snowy



I write this post in love and in pain. Snowy died three days ago. She slipped out into the night with me touching her and telling her, “Go to the light Snowy. Go to the Light!”

In my book, I describe how I found her as an older dog on the street. Within the four years that she was with me, she gave me the gift of love. She took ill last week and she died in a most traumatic way. My body has been in shock for the past 3 days. Yesterday, she came to me and she said, “Thank You.” That’s all she said. That’s when it dawned on me that she gave me another gift. She gave me the gift of experiencing “her” death with her on “her” terms.

She was my ray of sunshine and she had a smile that could light up the room. With her passing, it has really come home to me not to sweat the small stuff, something that has given me trouble on many occasions. What matters is the love—the love you give and the love you receive. The love is what you take with you and I know that we both gave and we both received that love.

Love’s pain is the pain of separation and at this point in time, it hurts. Like the song says, “It hurts so bad.”

Love’s fear is the fear of loss. I loved and I lost but that will not stop me from loving again. Yes, in time, I will love again.

Goodbye Snowy. I love you.


P. S. If you are experiencing pain, know that you are not alone, but also know, you are never alone—for your Higher Self and your guides are with you, the light is forever, and goodness, truth and beauty prevails…Namaste.

Depression Hurts

Depression Hurts

Depression is now epidemic in America. I know about depression because I have spent a major portion of my life dealing with it. So many people are ashamed to be treated for mental illness because of the social stigma attached to it. Many high-profile people, such as celebrities and politicians, and even public advertising, have tried to bring awareness to receiving treatment for mental illness; however, the social stigma is still present. Innuendos such as “basket case,” or “not playing with a full deck,” or “you won’t be able to get a job” or “you won’t be able qualify for medical insurance” are the undertows that make people with mental illness feel more ashamed.

I was so ashamed that it took me twenty some years of missing out on life and two nervous breakdowns to decide to get allopathic treatment and to get on antidepressants. Depression causes you not to have energy to do anything and it becomes a vicious cycle. People who have never experienced depression will say things to a depressed person like, “Come on Woman, Get Yourself Together! Snap out of it! Go Shopping!” They don’t know that you physically feel like you have a fifty-pound sack of potatoes on each shoulder and all your muscles are so weary that the last thing you want to do is shop. The catch phrase, “Shop till you drop,” just has a different meaning to you. It’s more like “Drop…before you shop,”…into a horizontal position that is, and it’s not by choice, mind you, but sheer total exhaustion of your mind and body.

In my book, “An Awakening, Mapping Your Dream, Vol.1” I write, “I used to remember days when my body would be sitting in front of the television set and I would stare out the glass pane of the door trying to decide a simple task like, “what to cook for dinner,” which sometimes took me two hours to figure out. That was the easy part. The actual preparation of the meal was a monumental feat, as my mind and the muscles in my body were on go slow. Just this simple chore would fatigue me to no end.”

Depression is physically, emotionally and mentally painful not only to the person who is suffering from it but also to the people around them. The depressed person usually neglects themselves and their intimates and sadly these people are unable to help the depressed person out of their pain. Simply put, depression hurts.

Now, depression is a medical condition and though I am very familiar with such things as serotonin uptake and antidepressant drugs, I am not a doctor; therefore I will not address it from a medical point of view, but rather from a metaphysical emotional vantage point which I was taught by my dear Unseen Friend and mentor Lazaris.

Lazaris says that depression is caused by two things, either, “quick and sudden change,” like when someone close to you suddenly dies, or after having a baby, in which case is called post-partum depression. The second cause is probably more common, and is caused from “layer upon layer of gauze-like anger, piled up on top of one another,” until one day it becomes the straw that broke the camel’s back. This is the one that usually leads to the chronic fatigue syndrome that I experienced.

Ironically, most of the people who suffer from chronic fatigue are very high-energy people by their nature, but they are not living the life they want to live. Usually, they are taking care of everybody else and not themselves. To fulfill these duties and obligations, they have to shut down their passion which results in anger and rage as they are unable to express their feelings because it is masked by guilt. Guilt is anger you don’t feel you have a right to have. If I am taking care of my child or an aging parent, for instance, these are duties I feel I am obligated to do and therefore do not feel I have a right to feel angry for having to fulfill them. So, not only do they have to use their energy to shut down their passion, but they also have to use it to shut down their anger and rage. It takes so much energy to do this that they are exhausted. I know that’s what I used to do with my energy. I had just enough energy to do basic functions like eating and going to the bathroom, but I had to draw on what little reserves I had to drop and pick up my daughter from school and to cook dinner. That was the extent of my daily activities at that time.

Since depression is primarily anger that you feel you’re going to get in trouble for–you need to give yourself a way to express all that anger. Maybe you could write it out. Talk in the mirror, or with a therapist, or with a friend, or with someone who understands, who will be there with you to express it.

And here’s a technique that might help:

1. Sit or lie down and sense yourself there with a two-hundred pound burlap bag filled with sand on top of you. No wonder you are so tired and you can’t move.

2. Now, imagine taking a small pocket knife and cutting a little slit in the bag, not more than an inch or two.

3. Watch the sand coming out. If you’ve ever seen an hour glass, you notice how it builds up a peak and then the weight of it spreads it and then it builds up again and spreads it. You still can’t move, so just watch.

4. As you watch the sand building up into this huge pile beside the bed or beside the chair, you now feel the bag getting lighter. Visualize yourself jiggling the bag as more comes out. The sand is all over the place but it’s not condensed anymore. It’s not depressing you.

5. When it gets light enough, take this burlap bag which is now collapsed in your lap and start spinning it around your head with a centrifugal force and then let it go.

6. Immediately visualize jumping up and yelling with joy and happiness, dancing around, jumping, turning somersaults and back flips. Things you couldn’t possibly do in fact of physicalness but in this freedom you can.

It may not work the first time, but as you do this technique the second, third, fourth time—one of those times your subconscious is going to understand what you mean and you are going to break free. One of those times—the depression is gone.

Shame On You

Child feeling Ashamed

Child feeling Ashamed

Many writers have written on topics such as Anger and Forgiveness as I have done in my book, An Awakening, Mapping Your Dream, Vol.1, but none have written on these two subjects from the vantage point  of two very evolved non-physical beings. And then to add “Shame” into the mix, in my opinion is a gift. For me, the gift came in the form of learning how to process and heal these three blockages wholly and completely so that I could have the opportunity to live a happy life and sharing that information has been the reason for my book . Of course, there are no words that could ever express my gratitude to my two Unseen Friends, Lazaris and Galexis for the difference they have made in my life.

Most  people know something about Anger and Forgiveness, but few know about Shame even though it is built into the system and is necessary on the planet at this time. No one gets to escape it. Shame is something you must deal with as part of your journey going Home and there is going to come a time on your journey when you know that you must deal with it if you want to heal and have a happy life.

Just the mere sound of the word is depressing and I think that when people hear the word “Shame,” even if they know nothing about it, subconsciously and unconsciously, they know it’s something they don’t want to confront. I will not lie to you. Shame is a heavy- duty thing.

In the Bible, it says that “The sins of the father will be passed on for seven generations.” The sin it was referring to is Shame. Shame is passed to each generation. That means we had Shame passed on to us by our parents, and they had Shame passed on to them by their parents, and it gets passed down for seven generations. It becomes part of the heritage that is passed on. It is not genetic or environmental. It is cultural. Shame can either facilitate the development of self or the destruction of self. The former was the original intent of Shame, but somewhere along the line it got screwed up, and “Negative Shame” has been culturally inbred in us.

This negative Shame has evolved into two kinds. The first kind is the Shame of Being. It is a belief that you are not divine by nature, that you are flawed, ugly, and have to earn the right to live. The second is the Shame of Doing, and has to do with whether or not your behavior pleases those around you so that you can get their love. Shame is insidious and destructive by nature. As children, Shame is passed on to us through many vehicles, such as teachers, authority figures, religion, and primarily by parents or guardians who take care of us. Moreover, Shame can only be healed by giving it back to the offender because as arbitrary as it may sound, one of the tenets of Shame is, “If you do not heal your Shame by giving it back to the offender, YOU WILL PASS IT ON.”

So, what’s it’s purpose? Why is it so necessary? What Shame is intended to do is produce a thing called remorse. Remorse is the ability to make a mistake, to admit it, to be embarrassed or ashamed of our actions or our behavior, or the impact we have had. In other words, it is the ability to know when you are wrong. Remorse allows you to make mistakes. It allows you to be human. That it’s all right for you to be less than perfect and it’s all right for others to be less than perfect. Remorse does a number of other things like allowing us to be forgiven when we have done something wrong for example, and Shame was intended to build remorse in people.

Well, what happens in the absence of remorse? People who don’t feel remorse are capable of committing heinous crimes without feeling any sorrow, or guilt, or culpability for their actions. For example, they will shoot you dead for your wallet for no reason at all, except for the fact that they wanted it. And a lot of times people who don’t feel remorse end up becoming psychopaths and sociopaths. When the seeds of remorse never get planted, this is the ultimate result.

Through my experience, I have found that when you become aware of what Shame is, there is a tendency to feel outraged at its purpose. What maniac would have concocted such a scheme? Lazaris says it was never meant to be this painful, but that somewhere along the way it went awry. However, if you can heal the anger, the pain, and the Shame, you can stop the cycle of passing it on and you can come to a place where you can understand the original intent and you can come to peace with it, which by the way is one of the steps in healing Shame.

Skull Crystals

Fred the Talking Head

Fred the Talking Head

Not all skull consciousness crystals are cut into the shape of a skull and not all crystals cut into the shape of a skull are skull consciousness crystals.  So how do you know? Well, you can ask it, or you buy it from a someone who you trust. The Shining Ones of Sirius introduced skull consciousness crystals to our earth in Lemuria. These crystals have a unique capacity to hold, gather and release information and were used by the Lemurian Dreamers and Lemurian Witnesses as record keepers. A witness would carry a skull consciousness crystal with him to record an event such as the signing of the contract, or a wedding, for instance. If he had more than one event to attend at the same time, he would then leave another skull consciousness crystal at that location to be witness. After the event had taken place, he would gather them up and download the data by placing the crystal to his forehead and receive the information. We have replaced that technology with video cameras, cell phones, computers and a host of other equipment.

Skull consciousness crystals are very “talkative” by nature. In my book, An Awakening, Mapping Your Dream, Vol. 1,  I describe one that came into my keeping named Fred the Talking Head, also known as Mr. Yackity Yak. Fred is the resident comedian who cracks me up all the time.

They are very good at dispelling and draining off negative or errant energy. My Unseen Friend, Lazaris says they are particularly helpful when dealing with anxiety. To use it for that purpose, you would hold the crystal with the intention of draining off that errant energy and you would imagine it doing just that, maybe by flushing out all that jangled energy from your head down and out through the soles of your feet. While you are doing that, feel the shifting and changing that is happening inside of you. Try it instead of two Tylenols and see if it works.

A Well-Kept Secret About Unseen Friends

Dog Telling Secret

Let me let you in on a secret about success. People are willing to pay good money to financial gurus and motivational speakers to teach them how to be successful, but I guarantee you, you will never hear them giving you this tip. If you want to be successful in life, form a relationship with your Unseen Friends.  Now, before you go “poo, pooing” this, and saying, “this is foolishness,” let me explain to you why.

Your Higher Self is the first unseen friend that you should form a relationship with. This is because your Higher Self is the higher aspect of you that is in non-physical form, and since you are a part of them, they have a vested interest in seeing that you do well. It is what you would call “self-sufficiency,” or taking care of oneself. The problem is that your Higher Self can see you failing, or in danger, and because this is a free-will universe, they are not allowed to assist you unless you ask for their help. Your Higher Self is the best friend you could ever have; however, in order to communicate with your Higher Self, you have to have a relationship with them. In my book An Awakening, Mapping Your Dream Vol.1, I explain how you can form a relationship with your Higher Self and the many other unseen friends who are part of your crew, and are with you all the time.

So, what are the benefits of having such friends?  There are lots. Since they are on the other side, they have a much broader perspective than you could ever have being here on the earth plane. Your Higher Self knows who you are, knows your destiny, and knows what you want to accomplish in this lifetime. Do you need much more explanations than that?

Well, how do you know if the information that you are receiving is from your Higher Self, or your Unseen friends? Your Negative Ego could play dress-up as your Higher Self, and then they would be able to really get you. That’s why you need to form a relationship with them. When you form a relationship, you get to know the person. You get to trust the person if they are trustworthy. You get to become intimate and vulnerable with them. How would you like to have a friend who doesn’t get grumpy because they had a bad day? Your Unseen friends are not perfect, but they don’t have bad days. How about having friends who don’t get annoyed at you for waking them up in the middle of the night? (they don’t sleep). How about having friends who can give you information that you need to know, only when it’s pertinent for you to know. In this technology and information revolution, that’s becoming a necessity if you want to remain sane and ahead of the curve.

That’s the secret of how I wrote and published my book. (See more about my book in my previous post). I had no idea what I was doing, but because I have a relationship with my Unseen Friends, I was guided every step of the way. Whatever information I needed for the next step, I either researched it, or someone, or something, like an e-mail, for instance, came into my life at the precise time with the information that I needed. If I started to go in the wrong direction, then I was gently steered to go into another direction. Even what seemed like a hitch or a delay, worked to my benefit.

You see, when you first start to form a relationship with your guides, if you don’t follow the information that is being given to you, then who in hell cares what you receive? You are not doing anything with it. But if your guides see you start to take action upon the information, they will do their damndest to make sure the information you are acquiring is correct. They don’t want to see you fail and end up in the ditch. They want you to succeed. So, if you know someone and you can’t find an explanation as to why they are succeeding; believe me, they have “Unseen Friends” they are not telling you about.

An Awakening, Mapping Your Dream, Vol. 1

The publishing of my book, An Awakening, Mapping Your Dream Vol. 1, has been a realization of a dream for me. It is something that I dreamed about doing many years ago, something that I knew was part of my destiny, something that I kept simmering on the back burner of my mind because no matter what I did, it wouldn’t go away. Why, I don’t know, as I am not a writer by profession—I have never even taken a writing class; luckily, I was fortunate to have been schooled in a British isle where I received a very good foundation in English. So, who would have “thunk” that I would write a book? Evidently, I did.

This is why I would like to encourage you not to give up on your dreams. My unseen friend, Lazaris says,

“You never dream a dream, a true dream, that is, without giving yourself the opportunity and the means for making that dream come true.”

And when I say a true dream, what I mean is, “a true dream is built bit by bit upon the integrity of who you are. I am living proof of someone who gave herself the means and the opportunity for making my dream come true.”

The reason I think that I was successful in doing this is because I never gave into any of the things that would stop me, the major one being that I didn’t have the credentials to be a writer. Maybe that was a good thing because then I didn’t have the expectation to write, “The Great American Novel.” That put my Negative Ego to bed about competing with the other “great American novelists,” or by telling me, “Who do you think you are, that YOU could write a book?”

Another thing I didn’t do was to give into the idea of failure. In my book I write,

“Failure is a metaphor telling you that something in your Raw Materials, or your Tools are askew; therefore, don’t judge and beat yourself up, but change it.”

I devoted a whole chapter to creating and manifesting, where I define what the Tools and the Raw Materials are, and how you can go about creating what you want.

What I did do instead, was to follow the advice of my other unseen friend, Galexis, which is to connect to the three divine channels that are natural to us as human beings.

  1. The first is the Connection Channel—to Love, Touch and Heal. My goal in writing my book was to love, touch and heal myself, and hopefully others.
  2. The second is the Creativity Channel—to desire, imagine, and to create with passion, and to move energy in a dynamic flow of harmony and healing. What all of this means in a nutshell, is to get in touch with your passion.
  3. And the third is the Learning Channel—to grow, to become more aware, to expand the awareness of who I am, to know more of me. And that I certainly did by writing this book.

What I also did instead, which sums up all of the above, was that I wrote from my heart. And my heart had a lot to say. In fact, it wouldn’t shut up.