Must I Compete


Competition is an assumption that someone else in your market place is vying for the same money, the same clients, or the same business as you. This whole concept of competition is based on scarcity, the idea that there is not enough for both you and your competitors to have as much as you want.

Competition makes sense in fear-based reality. A reality that says rocks are hard and water is wet, and that’s just the way the world is. In a reality that says, take before you are taken, that you must fight for what you want because the world is cruel and harsh and there is not enough for everyone. It makes sense in a dog-eat-dog world of corporate greed where the big guys take all and the little guys get squashed as confirmed by the mission statement of companies such as Walmart which is to “dominate the world.”

It is reinforced by advertisements such as one that is currently being aired by Chase bank promoting the use of their credit card. In the advertisement they end with this quote: “Chase…so you can.”  Every time I watch it, I shout, “No you don’t want to do that!” You never want to have to run after anything—that means it is not within your reach.

That is the ultimate of scarcity. In the frequency of scarcity everything is in short supply which leaves you with very little choice. Manifestation and scarcity energies do not mix. They function in entirely different frequencies, so if you are competing and chasing after, know that you are operating in scarcity and you are on the short end of the stick.

Competition also breeds jealousy. Jealousy is when you think somebody has something that you feel you should have instead. It’s like you want what they have, but they’ve got it, so now you are going to have to go out and really work hard to find other ways to get what you want.

Jealousy is a simple identification with that other person as that person should have been me. Jealousy can also bring a tremendous amount of anger and blame at that other person for having what you want.  And that’s why many people who become successful become targets of the jealousy of other people as they wish and hope for an opportunity to sabotage and tear them down. Be careful with the energy of jealousy. You will always limit your prosperity, your abundance, and the amount of love you can receive, if you judge others who can receive apparently more than you.

So must you compete? There are people who are trying their best to have successful businesses, and yet it is difficult not to fall into the current model of competition which can also lead to jealousy. The current model of running a business to put it in one word is to become a workaholic, to push and drive because by golly you are competing and you’ve got to out compete.

However, the energy of the workaholic is the energy of not enough. In this energy you feel you are not successful enough. You always feel like you are not doing enough, and you always have to be doing more because you are competing with these other people and if you don’t run faster and harder than them, then they are going to take over and make the big bucks and leave you behind.

The truth is you don’t have to compete. Competition exists because of a belief in lack and a belief in fear of failure. So here’s what you can do.

The first thing to know is that there is no competition because you can create whatever you choose. There are statisticians out there that will tell you that your market is so big and only so much of the pie can be yours. Don’t fall for it. Statistics don’t count. They don’t make any difference. You are the one that makes all the difference. As a reality creator, you are creating your clients and your business. You came into this world with talents, strengths and capabilities that are unique to you. As such, nobody is going after the same market as you and you don’t need to compete against anyone.

If you will let your talents, strengths and capabilities be an expression of what my dear unseen friends Galexis calls the 3 Divine Channels of Creativity as opposed to doing whatever you do solely for money, you will find that you will be fulfilled and you probably will make lots of money because you will be doing what you love. When you base what you do according to money, you probably won’t be successful because you are making money more important than you.

The 3 Divine Channels of Creativity as described by Galexis are as follows:

  1. The first is to Love, Touch and Heal which is to connect with others, to give and receive energy to love, touch and heal.
  2. The second one is to create, to imagine, to dream, to put together something that’s fun for you, to activate your own energy, your passion, your drive and your divine flow.
  3. The third channel is to learn, to grow and to expand your awareness of yourself as a Divine Being.

Try activating any one of these three channels in whatever you do and see if you don’t find your life and your business running more smoothly.

And finally, look at a person who is successful and who is happy and enjoying what it is that you have been desiring and raise your resonance by inspiration to a level where you too can participate and experience that same joy and success that they have. You do it by saying, “This person is an inspiration for me. If they can have it, I can too. I want that for me and I choose that for me.” And rather than being jealous of them, celebrate in their success knowing that there is more than enough to go around.


I Affirm

160130-20130608Affirmations are the poster child of the New Age community. Some of them really work and some of them don’t work. You cannot be on this path and not tried them.

However, they have to be aligned and anchored really honestly in you. That’s because if you put yourself in a place where you see yourself doing something, and you don’t really think you are there, but you affirm yourself to be there, it can confuse the heck out of the your subconscious mind. The subconscious mind says, “We are not there. We are not at that place,” but you are affirming “I am, I am, I am,” so it becomes an internal conflict and you start losing energy.

We’ve been told to say things like “I AM GOD, I AM GOD, I AM GOD.” And your Subconscious goes, “What the heck are they talking about?” And it doesn’t know what to do with that statement. So it scratches its figurative head, thinking how it can please you, (because the Subconscious is all about consistently following commands) and then the light bulb goes off. It has a bright idea that says, “God is a lot of things. So maybe we should make them really big so that they can become all of God.” And you start to gain weight for no apparent reason. You see, the Subconscious is very literal. And that is the result of “I AM GOD.” You become fifty pounds heavier and you end up blaming it on God.

The problem with affirmations in its current form is that it needs to be worded in the present participle. To affirm “I am in perfect health” when you have a malady is just not so. To do so when you are sick sends the message to your Subconscious Mind that your present state of being represents wellness, and therefore, it keeps you in that condition. You need to say instead, “I am getting better every day,” putting it into the “ing” form and continuing until you get to the state of health you want to be in.


What About Human Dignity?

photo_35635_20110326 (1)

It was supposed to a joyous event. It was April 15th, 2013 in a small and insulated city called Boston where the oldest marathon was being held on a holiday called Patriot’s Day. It’s like a weekend block party where schools are closed and families come to have fun to watch 26,000 runners run for personal reasons, one of which is raising capital for various charities that mean something to them such as cancer victims, supporting Iraq war veterans or fallen veterans.

Every runner knows what it’s like to turn the corner on Boylston Street and see the finish line and see families cheering them. As if it was planned for when the runners would be making their home stretch, two pressure cooker bombs containing shrapnel and smokeless gun powder intended to injure, maim and put terror into people exploded. Even though it is the most televised marathon creating a greater possibility of being spotted, someone was emboldened to make a statement. It was an act of terrorism, an act intended to communicate fear to a wider audience than their actual victims.

Mayhem ensued where three people were killed and many others lost their limbs or were severely wounded. And it became a 24 hour news cycle of reporting the event featuring experts on terrorism, and disaster preparedness, and FBI profilers. Even the conspiracy theorists joined in.

This was like a bomb explosion that we hear about in the news in Israel or Bagdad. What were we to do? Some of the experts were saying that we need to be more vigilant, calling for more heightened security. This was a social event.  We already have our bodies and bags searched for weapons at our airports and many of our sporting events. Others said that we should have military police patrolling in front of restaurants and nightclubs like in Israel or have live surveillance cameras at every corner like in London.

It evolved into an intense effort to focus all resources on catching the perpetrator, to discover the motive and the mindset of the person or persons responsible for this.

While this was playing out, I started to ponder what this was all about?

Why did we allow this into our reality?  We didn’t go out to create it, but we allowed it. (see previous article.)  Was our reality trying to talk to us about fear, about security, about freedom, about forgiveness, justice or retribution? That’s when I saw a 30 second interview that made me take notice. There was a man with his entire hands and arms covered in blood and he was holding a small equally blood drenched American flag. He was telling the story how he was in the crowd waving the flag when the bombs went off and how he ran over to one of the victims who had both their legs blown off by the blast and how he picked this person up and took them to the medical tent. And I thought to myself, “This is about human dignity.” You see, tragedy and dignity are akin. As awful as it may seem; many times, it is through the avenue of tragedy that we find our dignity. It is even represented archetypally in Greek mythology by Melpomene, the Muse of Tragedy and Dignity.  Dignity is to sense the majesty, the sense of respect and honor, and the sense of benevolence that is within a person or thing.  It’s about the capacity to honor oneself and to honor other people. It’s about having a relationship with one’s Soul, and sensing the Soul of others.

People risked their own lives that day in order to save others. When so many instincts were to run away, people ran to. Among them were the first responders who ran into the chaos to save lives. People showed up at the hospitals to give blood to the victims. As President Obama puts it, “There were so many acts of heroism and acts of selflessness and generosity and love of those who stayed behind to help the wounded.”

The perpetrators were eventually caught. One was killed and the other was apprehended. They were brothers whose family was granted political asylum from persecution and allowed to come to America. Following their capture, their uncle was asked in an interview, “How do you feel about America?” He answered, “This country gives a chance to everyone to be treated like a human being.” When I heard his answer, I was even more convinced that through this horrific tragedy, one of the questions our reality is forcing us to address is, “What about human dignity?”

You Create Your Own Reality

We are each creating our own reality, twenty-four hours a day. The problem is that we are not conscious we are doing it. And how do we create reality? We create reality by either consciously creating it, or by allowing it. To consciously create reality is to deliberately go about trying to manifest something. For instance, you decide you want to buy a car. Are you just going to buy any old car? No, you aren’t. You decide on what make and model you want. You decide on the color. Whether it is gear shift or automatic. All these decisions are consciously putting together what you want.

On the other hand, people who are not consciously creating their reality are allowing reality to be created for them. When you allow reality, you work with the Law of Attraction. If you do not look at what you think and what you believe, then the thoughts that you have stored in your consciousness are going to, by default, go out there and pick up whatever is like it and bring it back to you.

I know that when I heard the concept that You Create your Own Reality, something rang true for me. I didn’t know how I knew, but I just knew that I knew. If you recognize that on some level, you’ve created everything, then knowing that you create your reality is a good thing because if you created it, then you can do something about it, as opposed to if someone else created it for you, then you will have to wait on them to fix it. You might be waiting forever. The whole premise for writing my book, “An Awakening, Mapping Your Dream, Vol. 1″, was to show you how you can create your reality.

Every time you make a choice or a decision, you are creating your reality. Now some of us are in situations where we feel powerless and that we don’t really have a lot of choice. It might be something we don’t want to do or something we are obligated to do by contract such as a job. Every challenge that comes to you is an opportunity, and every opportunity that comes to you is a challenge for you to be able to respond as a powerful reality creator and to make your choices from this position. That’s why you have an arrangement with life to show you where you are giving your power away in order to give you an opportunity to take it back and become the powerful creator that you are.

What if you had enough love and value of yourself that you could allow your reality to love and value you because it is consistent with who you are? What if all the unpleasant realities that come to you is just the universe’s way of saying, “Look, partner, here is an issue where you have in the past given away your power, your freedom and your love… and in order for you to be who you truly are; a powerful reality creator, you need to retrieve your power, your freedom and your love.”

If it’s something you have to do and don’t want to do, choose to do it as a creator and not as a victim. Choose to be an empowered being by saying, “I choose to do this in my light, and in my power while being fully present.” If there is a problem, say,” I am going to anticipate that this is somehow going to be solved with magic,” even though you don’t know how the magic is going to show up. When you make choices in your power, you and your reality get hooked up. And once you get hooked up consistently, your reality and your choice become one. When you and your reality become one, you better get ready to receive it. It’s time to love your reality and let your reality love you—by giving to you through choice, your desires and your wishes.

How To Feel Safe In An Unsafe World

photo_49950_20110714We live in a fear-based reality. A reality that says rocks are hard and water is wet, and that’s just the way the world is. In a reality that says take before you are taken, that you must fight for what you want because the world is harsh and cruel and there is not enough for everyone. In a world where things happen to everyone, so just accept it.

So how safe is your reality? How much imagining and worry and projection of “what ifs,” do you put in your future? “Oh, I would love to do that…but what if this happens?”  In our culture, we have been trained to feel unsafe. In our mythology, we have been taught to hope for the best but assume the worst. But where’s the power in that statement? It’s in the worst because that’s what you are expecting and creating; however, our culture says that’s a good thing to do because then you will be prepared. But how can you be prepared when out of the blue in public places, strange things could happen? Like some crazy guy going “postal,” and shooting you? Or, where at any moment you are in anticipation that terrorists could do something horrible, and of course 9/11 entrenched this energy. And with all the mass shootings and the current debate over gun control, we as a nation are faced with how unsafe we all feel right now.

How can you protect yourself from bad things happening? Protection devices are security measures; whereas, safety is a resonance. You know that no matter how many protection devices you have, you are never totally safe. Safety is a choice. You have to choose to be safe. If you hold the resonance of safety, you will not attract to yourself something devastating.

If you are caught up in this fear based reality, it’s time for you to step beyond the limitations of your fear. Time to stop letting your fears run your life and time to claim your light. Here are some tips how you can hold the resonance of safety.

  • Be present in the moment and claim that you are safe. Your power is only available to you when you are present. Also, you can make choices when you are present because you are in the greatest capacity of your power. Some people get present when they breathe, so breathe in and say, “I am present and I am safe right here in this moment.” That’s where you start.
  • For you to be safe in your world, you’ve got to love everything that is there. It doesn’t mean that you turn a blind eye and ignore all the pain and suffering and ugliness. You know that doesn’t work. It means that you stop judging the ugliness because if you judge something, you will create fear in it and will bring limitation to yourself.
  • Instead, take a deep breath and breathe the world into you, into your body and breathe out love and safety and see that love going out to every inch of our planet. Do it a few times. If you don’t judge it, then none of the pain or the suffering or the sorrow will stick to you. And as you send out love and safety, what does that do but heal all of that.
  • Be courageous enough to dream. Dream for your world those qualities that you love and cherish and value. A dear friend once told me, “You never dream a dream—a true dream that is, without giving yourself the opportunity and means for making that dream come true.” Imagine what it would be like if we had harmony and cooperation between people and world peace.

You can take your power back from your fears and dream the future safe. You do it first for yourself and then for your world. And as more and more people join you, then the impact on our world expands and expands where the mythology of a fear based reality becomes a myth of a new reality founded in love and safety.

Who Has Your Power?

Who Has Your Power?

Who Has Your Power?

Power is the ability to act. When you give your power away, what you essentially do is take the reference point off you and put it out there to the thing that you give your power to. Now this is significant because in order to be powerful, you need to have the ability to make choices that come from Your Will, (not somebody else’s Will) and to activate these choices if you so desire which is what power is. So a pertinent question is, “Do you have the ability to make choices that come from your Will and to activate these choices if you so desire?”

If not, then who has your power? Is it your boss? Or is it your partner, your lover, or spouse?  Does fear have your power? Or have you given your power to social mores or institutions such as the government, a religion or a philosophy? Do doctors or lawyers have your power?  Or is it spiritual leaders such as rabbis, priests, ministers or gurus? Do you give it to controlling and domineering people? Have you given it to comfort foods, alcohol, drugs or other forms of escape? Have you given it to taking care of everyone else? Or, do you let people who are unhappy drain and suck your energy? Have you given your power away to money or time, the scarcity or lack of it?

You see, the problem stems from the fact that many times as children, we were given very twisted and warped definitions of power. We were told that you cannot have your reference point as you because that’s selfish. That’s egotistical. That’s bad. You need to care for and love and serve others. Don’t think of yourself or nobody is going to like you. We were told things like, “Oh, that person is powerful.” But when we looked at that person, what we saw was one dominating, controlling,  “blankety blank.”  So we concluded that to be powerful you had to be tough and strong, and have power over, and boss people around, and we didn’t want to be one of those so we shied away from our power.

For you to step into your power, you must take your power back from those warped and twisted definitions of power. You’ve had power to just give away and you need to take it back from all the authorities to whom you have given it to.

Here is a powerful technique to take your power back from anyone or anything. It was given by a group of non-physical beings that I am friends with called Galexis:

  1. In your mind, see the person or thing out there that you are giving energy to. If it’s a thing, then personify it.
  2. Imagine the power as a ball of light and mentally reach out and grab the power from them and bring it back into you.
  3. While doing this, take a big in breath while saying, “Power that I gave to you, return to Me. Power Return to Me.” Repeat this three times.
  4. Now, sense yourself as being really large, about 15-20 feet and see yourself looking down at this person. You’ve gotten bigger because you took your power back. Notice that they are not as solid or as vibrant because all their intensity of power was your energy.
  5. In your mind, thank them for showing you where you gave your power away and for the opportunity to take it back.
  6. Then forgive them.
  7. And lastly, forgive yourself for giving your power away to them.

You are never powerless because you have choice at every point. You’ve even had the power to make choices to be powerless. Why not make a choice now to be powerful? Why not use your power to bring your reference point back to you, to claim your strengths, your abilities, your gifts and your talents?  If you will own your power, you will find that you can change anything.

Why not make a new year’s resolution to take your power back?