Spring Is Here

Spring is here, the time has moved forward in the Eastern zone and many birds’ internal clocks are telling them it is time to start a new family. So said, LOOK at what I encountered on a neighbor’s front porch………it was this male peacock putting on a show for his female counterparts.

Male Peacock on Front Porch

Male Peacock on Front Porch


He modeled in full regalia to the front and then slowly did a 180 to the back where he proceeded to shake his “booty” and he kept this up for a full 15 minutes.

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Evidently the ladies weren’t impressed as they walked off before the  show ended.

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Upon seeing that he no longer had an audience, he had this dejected look on his face as if to say, “What the Hell just Happened?”  And so he packed up his gear in shame and strutted down the street never to let anyone see his utter humiliation.

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I on the other hand was amazed by his performance; however, I sum it up by taking a line from last week’s “Saturday Night Live” skit which is, “Who walks around like that? It’s so cocky.” Hey, maybe you know someone who does.