How to Live Magically Everyday

Magical Child

Magical Child

Would you like to live each day in empowerment that has been marinated in ease and elegance and flavored with happiness and freedom, and a dash of panache? Yes? Well, add a little magic to your life. Now, before you go diving into this mouth-watering recipe, you’ve got to first understand what magic is. So what is it? Well, some people conjure images of witches stirring a big pot and working incantations; however, magic is “changing reality in accordance to comply with your will, your love and your imagination.” What this means is that you are using your intention to create something you want or desire, where things pop into your reality effortlessly and naturally, offering you opportunities to shine your light, to be happy, to be free, to be powerful and to know who you truly are.

The second requirement if you want to work magic is that you’ve got to become a magician. A magician has to be powerful because it takes power to work magic; therefore, you have to own that you are the creator of your reality. When you can own that you create everything in your life—both, the good and the bad, then you are in a powerful position to change it if you don’t like it. If someone else is doing it to you, all your magic is going to be old victim magic and you are going to have to wait until they decide to stop for you to have what you want. You might be waiting for a very long time. So you can’t pretend to be some kind of stupid “muggle.” Muggle being the non-wizard term in the Harry Potter series.

The third requirement is that you have to be comfortable with change because change is what enables you to have magic. People are usually afraid of change because the general consensus is that change is stressful. Change is hard. That’s because for all of us, when we were young, whenever big stresses happened to us, like moving to another place where we didn’t have any friends, or when something bad happened; like losing a parent, everything would change and life would never be the same. The good thing is that there are no external things that you have to do. It’s all internal. It’s all about being willing to stop resisting change and being willing to see new possibilities.

So here’s the recipe for your magic potion:

1. You have to have the intention to have magic. You are not going to have magic if you don’t feel it is something that is natural for you, or if you don’t anticipate it. Each morning, own your day by saying, “Magic is natural to me and I choose to have magic in my life today,” and then put it into your thinking processes and go looking for magic throughout your day.

2. Acknowledge that you are the creator of your reality. If you are suffering from a lack of love, or money or health, or some limiting circumstance, know that you have allowed this in your life to show you where you are giving your power away; and you’ve asked your reality to keep bringing it to you until you heal it and take your power back.

3. Stay present. Pay attention to what you are thinking and feeling. Don’t become unconscious, because then your actions become knee-jerk reactions to old habits. If you choose to escape like sitting in front of the television for hours, say for instance, then choose to do it consciously. Say, “I now choose to escape by sitting in front of this TV and vegging.” When you do it consciously, you can also choose not to do it.

4. Start to dream and imagine what your life would be like if magic were natural to you. Set the resonance for the day by saying, “All energies of this day will be in alignment with my choice and with my vision of what I am dreaming for myself.”

As you practice this every day, magic will become automatic and natural to you, and when magic happens, pause for a moment and feel grateful. And always remember, the magic is in you.


Why, Ultimately…You Cannot Fail

Success In Hand

Success In Hand

In my previous two articles, “What’s Up with Failure,” and “How Can I Turn Failure into Success?” I described the parameters of failure and what you can do to succeed; but ultimately, here’s the reason why you cannot fail. YOU cannot fail because of who you are. You are divine by your very nature. You are a piece of God, of Goddess, of All That Is. Even if you don’t call it God or Goddess, you are a piece of the All That Isness that is around you. Mark you, you are a very small piece, like a tiny cell; but that doesn’t matter because we are part of a hologram. In a hologram, any piece can be used to reconstruct the whole. So even though we are like a tiny cell, within that tiny cell contains the blue print of the whole. And that whole, by whatever name you want to call it, cannot fail.

You are a powerful reality creator who wanted to play with creativity. As such, you signed up for Creativity 101 on a planet where you gave yourself “time” so that things wouldn’t manifest instantly as you thought about them because you wanted to work with creating from scratch, where you could take things apart and put them back together again. You certainly didn’t think that if something didn’t turn out right the first time, you would be a failure; you thought that would be a lot of fun to experiment. And you couldn’t have picked a more creative planet. There is an abundance of raw materials in the many different varieties of life that we have here. It’s as if God & Goddess get to take out their Play-Doh and their paint kit and have a blast. Look at a giraffe. If that is not imagination and creativity at its height, then I don’t know what is.

One Sunday morning, I was flipping through the channels on the television and I came across Joel Olsteen in the middle of giving a sermon where he was illustrating a story about trust. In the story, a man placed a hundred dollar bill in a bible and then went to his wife and asked her to open the Bible and give him a hundred dollars. She said, “You know I can’t do that!” to which he replied, “Do you trust me?”

She said, “Yes I do, but I can’t open this Bible and give you a hundred dollars.”

He again told her to trust him and do what he asked which she did, and of course, as she opened the Bible, there was the hundred dollar bill. She said, “How did you know it would be there?” The man replied, “Because I put it there.” Well, in the same way you can trust one hundred percent that God/Goddess/All That Is, put in you that you cannot fail.

The only way you can fail is if you view it through the eyes of the consensus where you are taught that if you do not create and manifest what it is that you are going after, that if you don’t get what it is you are desiring, then you have failed. Throw out this definition, return to your divinity and look at success as a grand adventure in discovering and exploring life the way it was meant to be.