Christmas in Miami

Even though Hurricane Irma devastated my garden by knocking down many trees, destroying foliage and rendering the trees that were standing leafless; by December, many rays of hope delighted my garden. Even huge swaths of grass that lay dead under the weight of tons of debris waiting for weeks for the County to pick up are once again sprouting with new life.

Here are pictures of some of these beauties:

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Now that Summer is Here

We will be moving into the summer solstice today at 6:34 p.m. ET. This is the annual moment at which the sun is the highest it ever gets in the sky. It also means that the dog days of summer will be following and here in South Florida that is hot. I am talking blow torch burning on your skin when the wind blows hot, or jumping up and down barefooted on the asphalt, running quickly in the opposite direction shouting “aye, aye, aye,” hot.

So I as look back at spring, how did my garden grow? In this article, I will show you some pictures.

My most favorite plant that bloomed this Spring was my Jade vine. I have had it for some time growing on a trellis and this was the first time that it bloomed. It does take some time to bloom as its trunk needs to reach 3/4″ in diameter before blooming begins. It is considered a rare plant probably because of its turquoise flower and probably because it is only found in the Philipines which is under threat from deforestation. It is a robust climber that needs a sturdy support and it produces large chains of turquoise flowers over a foot in length in spring.  Talk about spectacular. I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

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Here are some of the other flowers that bloomed this spring.

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Rainbow Created While Watering Orchids on my Tree

Rainbow Created While Watering Orchids on my Tree

I find Beauty in Nature

Which feeds my Soul

And makes by Spirit Soar