I Affirm

160130-20130608Affirmations are the poster child of the New Age community. Some of them really work and some of them don’t work. You cannot be on this path and not tried them.

However, they have to be aligned and anchored really honestly in you. That’s because if you put yourself in a place where you see yourself doing something, and you don’t really think you are there, but you affirm yourself to be there, it can confuse the heck out of the your subconscious mind. The subconscious mind says, “We are not there. We are not at that place,” but you are affirming “I am, I am, I am,” so it becomes an internal conflict and you start losing energy.

We’ve been told to say things like “I AM GOD, I AM GOD, I AM GOD.” And your Subconscious goes, “What the heck are they talking about?” And it doesn’t know what to do with that statement. So it scratches its figurative head, thinking how it can please you, (because the Subconscious is all about consistently following commands) and then the light bulb goes off. It has a bright idea that says, “God is a lot of things. So maybe we should make them really big so that they can become all of God.” And you start to gain weight for no apparent reason. You see, the Subconscious is very literal. And that is the result of “I AM GOD.” You become fifty pounds heavier and you end up blaming it on God.

The problem with affirmations in its current form is that it needs to be worded in the present participle. To affirm “I am in perfect health” when you have a malady is just not so. To do so when you are sick sends the message to your Subconscious Mind that your present state of being represents wellness, and therefore, it keeps you in that condition. You need to say instead, “I am getting better every day,” putting it into the “ing” form and continuing until you get to the state of health you want to be in.