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Suzanne Hosang

Suzanne Hosang

Hello, I am Suzanne Hosang. I hail from Kingston, Jamaica; however, I migrated to Miami, Florida at the age of 15. At that determining age, my heritage was already ingrained in me, so I am one of those transplants who has never lost her roots. As such, I have decided to aptly subtitle my blog, “Let’s Labrish,” as, in patois— the language spoken by the locals—“to labrish,” means to chat.

My home land has been the incubator for who I am. It is an island which is surrounded by sunshine and crystal clear salt waters; with mountains that touch the sky, and valleys vegetated by lush tropical foliage. There are rivers that feed waterfalls, and white sand beaches that people visit to refresh their souls and their spirits. It is a place where the earth truly loves herself. Yet, on the other hand, it has its savagery and brutality, generating artists such as Bob Marley to use reggae music as an expression for the woes of the people that come out of the cruelty of poverty. It is that dichotomy which has made me who I am.

I own a plant nursery in South Florida. Working with plants is just natural to me. This spills over into my personal garden, and into the Faerie Realm, and the all encompassing realm of Fire, Water, Air and Earth. Somehow, it’s in my blood and runs through my veins.

I have studied metaphysics all my life and I am also an energy healer. Being an energy healer came in the later years; however, it is what I consider myself, first and foremost.

I also keep animals. I have dogs, cats, birds and fish. Working with animals is my passion and compassion. I am one of those people who get suckered into picking up animals off the street. I used to breed birds for a hobby. Now I basically keep them as pets.

I also work with crystals out of the earth. I consider these sentient beings my friends.

These are the things that I will be talking about. The range is broad…so, Let’s Labrish.

Corona Virus Fears


Photo by Heorhii Heorhiichuk by Pexels


It’s been so long since I have posted, as life has been so busy that I have not had the time to write. Or, maybe I should say that I have not been motivated enough to write because if I really wanted to write, I would have found the time.  However; today, fears about the Corona Virus have prompted me to sit down at the computer as trepidations about the virus becoming a pandemic has reached a fevered pitch. On the news this morning, they have been saying that it’s not a matter of “if,” but “when” it’s going to strike the United States. Yesterday, the stock market dropped eight hundred points and the day before it dropped a thousand points in response to people’s fear.

I feel it is prudent to have a preparation plan and not to be the ostrich with its head stuck in the sand. Do it in much  the same way that you would if a hurricane was coming to your area. But while we attend to the physical, why not let us also combine it with the metaphysical. The word metaphysics means outside or beyond the physical. Now I know that many people doubt whether metaphysics works but hear me out.

Everything has a vibration or frequency. Thoughts are things; therefore, they also have a vibration or frequency. Also, like attracts like. So, the thoughts that you are putting out there are attracting like things onto themselves whether that is positive if they are positive thoughts or negative if they are negative thoughts.

So what determines whether something becomes a “thing”? Not to get too technical here but scientists who study Quantum physics have discovered that before a thing becomes a “thing,” it is a particle of light or energy and it functions like waves. When it is watched or observed or given “attention,” it behaves like a particle and collapses into reality. When it is not observed, it behaves like a wave. So in order for something to manifest, it has to be given attention and I am going to take it a step further by saying that when you give it attention with intention, it makes manifestation much more powerful.

If this resonates with you, then let us all as a group put out certain intentions (thoughts) to change the trajectory of this becoming a reality. Right now it’s a possibility. Let us intersect it before it becomes a probability and then an actuality.

Just to give you an example of how much fear is out there about this virus, yesterday the stock market lost 1 trillion dollars (yes, that’s 1 trillion with a “t”) over fears of it becoming a pandemic. Do you know how much intention was placed on the fear of that reality happening? A lot. That was people collectively seeing that this would happen, so much so, that they took action by selling their stocks. That is what determines whether something manifests of not, is by the amount of attention with intention that is focused on it whether positive or negative. That is why you hear people saying, “the very thing I have feared has come at me.” They didn’t want it to happen but by focusing their fear on what they did not want, they were in essence giving it their attention which provided the fuel to make it collapse into reality.

Now, the technique that I am going to give is one that I heard Amanda Ellis ( give in one of her videos where she was talking about the Corona Virus and it resonated with me. With that said, you know how the map of the world has latitudes and longitudes that form a grid around the entire globe. Let’s imagine that we are pumping silver and gold into the grid with the intention of containing the spread of the virus. Start with China and surround and fill China with the silver and gold and also send them love and healing because remember, this is not only going to have a health impact but is is also going to have a major economic impact on our world. Also surround and fill other countries affected like Italy and Iran. You can surround the country where you live and down to even your city or town while asking for protection and healing. You finish when you imagine the entire grid which crisscrosses every country  filled with silver and gold.

One of the lessons in all of this is to tell us that we are all connected, that we are not separate and that whatever affects one part of the world also affects the other parts. It’s like throwing a stone in the pond. The vibration ripples out and touches everything. We have to realize that borders don’t count. Walls don’t count. We are all one and we are all connected.

You might think, “What can I do? I am just one person. I can’t make a difference.” Well this is what you can do. I probably don’t have enough power to make a significant difference in the outcome worldwide but I do know that it will make a difference in what I create in “my” world. And if enough people do it, not only will it affect “their” world, but it will also ripple out to affect “our” world. So, don’t discount the power that can be ignited when two or more are joined. Miracles can happen and miracles do happen.


We are One
Photo by Andreas Wohlfahrt from Pexels

Spring Sprung – 2018

It’s been nearly a year since Hurricane Irma hit South Florida as a powerful Category 1 storm. Nearly all signs of the devastation such as huge swaths of grass dead under the weight of tons of trees and foliage waiting for weeks on the sidewalks to be picked up have all been replaced with new growth.

We still have reminders that we were slammed by relentless winds as evidenced by the many roofs still covered in blue tarps with sand bags to weight them down as people still wait for insurance companies to pay up. Although my yard was devastated, Spring did arrive and my landscape is now different as redesigned by my exterior decorator, Irma. So, with that said, I would like to show you what bloomed this Spring:


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Christmas in Miami

Even though Hurricane Irma devastated my garden by knocking down many trees, destroying foliage and rendering the trees that were standing leafless; by December, many rays of hope delighted my garden. Even huge swaths of grass that lay dead under the weight of tons of debris waiting for weeks for the County to pick up are once again sprouting with new life.

Here are pictures of some of these beauties:

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Christmas In Key West

Over Thanksgiving weekend, I visited Key West. I saw no visible signs that it been brushed by Hurricane Irma except for a huge uprooted tree which had been cut to a stump and was laying on it’s side exposing it’s huge roots. Other than that, everything seemed normal.

We took a tour of the town on the Old Town Trolley Hop On, Hop Off bus where I took pictures along the ride.

So please enjoy my photo journal  which I have titled “Christmas in Key West.”

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Now that Summer is Here

We will be moving into the summer solstice today at 6:34 p.m. ET. This is the annual moment at which the sun is the highest it ever gets in the sky. It also means that the dog days of summer will be following and here in South Florida that is hot. I am talking blow torch burning on your skin when the wind blows hot, or jumping up and down barefooted on the asphalt, running quickly in the opposite direction shouting “aye, aye, aye,” hot.

So I as look back at spring, how did my garden grow? In this article, I will show you some pictures.

My most favorite plant that bloomed this Spring was my Jade vine. I have had it for some time growing on a trellis and this was the first time that it bloomed. It does take some time to bloom as its trunk needs to reach 3/4″ in diameter before blooming begins. It is considered a rare plant probably because of its turquoise flower and probably because it is only found in the Philipines which is under threat from deforestation. It is a robust climber that needs a sturdy support and it produces large chains of turquoise flowers over a foot in length in spring.  Talk about spectacular. I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

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Here are some of the other flowers that bloomed this spring.

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Rainbow Created While Watering Orchids on my Tree

Rainbow Created While Watering Orchids on my Tree

I find Beauty in Nature

Which feeds my Soul

And makes by Spirit Soar

Spring Is Here

Spring is here, the time has moved forward in the Eastern zone and many birds’ internal clocks are telling them it is time to start a new family. So said, LOOK at what I encountered on a neighbor’s front porch………it was this male peacock putting on a show for his female counterparts.

Male Peacock on Front Porch

Male Peacock on Front Porch


He modeled in full regalia to the front and then slowly did a 180 to the back where he proceeded to shake his “booty” and he kept this up for a full 15 minutes.

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Evidently the ladies weren’t impressed as they walked off before the  show ended.

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Upon seeing that he no longer had an audience, he had this dejected look on his face as if to say, “What the Hell just Happened?”  And so he packed up his gear in shame and strutted down the street never to let anyone see his utter humiliation.

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I on the other hand was amazed by his performance; however, I sum it up by taking a line from last week’s “Saturday Night Live” skit which is, “Who walks around like that? It’s so cocky.” Hey, maybe you know someone who does.

Are You Ready To Give Up The Past–(Part III)

Our group met at one of Sibyl’s friend’s house to perform our private ritual of celebrating the Day of the Dead. We had a lovely breakfast which included Day of the Dead bread which is made only around the time of these festivities and can be bought at most any bakery in town.

Day of the Dead Bread

Day of the Dead Bread


Afterwards we took two flights of stairs leading to a partially covered rooftop patio. We sat under the covered area where the only wall supporting the roof was painted turquoise blue and decorated with “milagros,” which are religious folk charms that are traditionally used for healing purposes and as votive offerings in Mexico.  We lit a small fire in a pot placed on a coffee table cut from a slice of a tree and we formed a sacred circle around it.  Then we went around the circle letting each of us verbalize what of our past we were willing to let die and what we wanted to birth. Finally we burnt papers which we had written what we were willing to let die in the fire.


El Dia De Los Muertos (see previous article) gave me an opportunity to look at my past and honor it for who I have been. But it also gave me an opportunity to clear out the clutter of my fears, my angers, my limitations, my pains and my Shame that were holding me back from stepping into a new, never-been-done-before future.

A lot of times like the “Catrinas,” (see previous article) we are ashamed of who we are, so we wear these painted masks pretending to be somebody else. But you see, many times, it is within our darkness that we hide the light of our powers and our strengths. And because the “gems” of who we are, are held in our past, we are wise enough to know that we cannot let go of it until we extract them. And how do you do that, you may ask? My entire book is dedicated to teaching you ways in which you can take your power back.

It’s about weeding out by healing what in our past doesn’t serve us anymore while discovering and recovering those hidden gems. Once we have extracted them, we can let go of the past. And when those pasts are mourned and forgiven, it’s about seeding new futures that will reflect who we are becoming.

The gem that I discovered within the pain of my loss was the depth of my love.  You see, love’s fear is the fear of loss, and love’s pain is the pain of separation. I didn’t know the depth to which I loved, especially for my father. When my father died, I realized, “I am really afraid of losing love.” But I also realized that if I am this afraid, then the love that is there behind that fear must be pretty immense. Because you see, when your love is very deep, you have so much more to lose; therefore, the intensity of your fear and the intensity of your pain is so much greater.

There are people who are afraid to love because they are afraid to lose, or even more sadly, there are people who have loved and lost and have decided never to love again because the pain of separation and the fear of losing was too much.

When you do not love out of fear of loss, it does not make the fear go away or makes the pain any less. It just makes you a fearful, pain-filled lonely person. And it would seem obvious that if you love, then you risk the chance of losing—and you do, but the irony is, that when you go through the fear and into the love–even though the fear of loss does not totally go away, the intensity of the fear will come into balance and you get to experience the very thing that you want, which is the love.

I have chosen to go beyond the fear and beyond the pain to love even more. And my two new dogs that I have recently rescued, Bella and Boo, they are helping me to do just that because I prefer to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all.

So, ARE YOU READY…. to give up the past that doesn’t serve you anymore, and to retrieve the treasure so that you can become a more authentic you? I would love to hear about some of the gems of yourself that you have recovered. Please feel free to share.

P. S. Please see “Are You Ready to Give Up the Past-(Part I), and “Are You Ready to Give Up the Past-(Part II) for the entire story.

The following are pictures of some of the wonderful people that I shared this memorable trip with:

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Are You Ready to Give Up The Past–Part II (The Day of The Dead Celebrations)

Alter for Day of the Dead -Skull

Alter for Day of the Dead -Skull


The Day of the Dead celebrations or “El Dia de Los Muertos,” as it is called in Spanish is a tradition which has its roots in ancient Mesoamerican culture. In San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, many alters or “ofrendas” are set up in the streets, in restaurants, in businesses and in homes to honor the loved ones who have departed. It is also a time when families gather in the cemeteries to clean up the graves and adorn them with flowers and to commune with those who have gone before. And although it is Mexico’s way of laughing at death, it is also a celebration of life.

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Several temporary markets pop up during this time selling the items needed to play out this annual ritual. These markets constructed of tents as far as the eye can see are adorned with brightly colored hanging cut out paper flags and have tables set up laden with tiers of “alfeniques,” which are colorful confectionery figurines handmade of sugar and decorated to depict such things as skulls, skeletons, coffins, animals and food which are used to place on the alters.

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The alters are made up of the alfeniques and flowers—the signature flower being the orange marigold, photos, candles, momentos, and food and drink beloved of the one who has passed.

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A major part of the celebration is the “Catrina” parade held in El Jardin which is the town square or central plaza where everyone hangs out. You never know what’s going to happen there. One day while we were there, the doors of the Parroquia church located on the plaza flung open and a bride and groom and throngs of people exited and we became participants in a wedding celebration. The most unique part of the celebration were these huge dancing puppets on stilts called “mojigangas” representing the bride and groom.

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On the night of the Catrina Parade, crowds of people gathered in El Jardin to watch people dressed up as “Catrinas,” march around the square and there was even a competition to pick the best costume. The Mojigangas also parade. La Calavera Catrina was a zinc etching by Jose Posada depicting the image of a female skeleton dressed only in a hat befitting the upper class outfit of a European of her time. It was Posada’s illustration of a person who was ashamed of his Indian origins and dressed imitating the French style while wearing lots of makeup to make his skin look whiter. La Catrina is Mexico’s Grand Dame of Death and she has become an icon of Mexico’s Day of the Dead.  Here is a gallery of some incredible  pictures that I captured of the Catrina parade. These gracious people just allowed me to walk up to them and take pictures.

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Finally, there were also carpets made out of seeds on the ground in the plaza which are roped off so that they will not be disturbed. I don’t know how long it takes to complete these grand mosaics, but they are works of art that is worthy of appreciation. If you ever get a chance, The Day of the Dead celebration is really something to experience.

Please join me next week for the final part of this story where you will find out what I learnt out of this whole experience. See you then.

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Are You Ready to Give Up the Past?—Part I

Streets of San Miguel Allende

It’s been over two years since I last wrote on my blog and during this time I have gone into a self-imposed exile as the events of my life seemed to be trying to catch up with 2013, if in fact you believe that 2012 would be the end to an Old World and 2013 would be the beginning of a new one.


Well since 2012, I started physically losing pieces of my present. It came in the form of the passing of all my dogs, Mitzie, Snowy and Betty. And it didn’t just stop there. It continued with me making a gut wrenching decision to find new homes for a lot of my birds out of love for them and love for myself. It further continued with me losing my father in 2014 and at that point, it felt like I was lost at sea with no life raft to grab on to. These events were coming at me one after another and were the catalysts that propelled me into my Dark Night of the Soul. More appropriately, I would say that I was experiencing being in what my friend and mentor Lazaris calls the Dark Wood which is a metaphor for waking up one night and being in a place where you realize that “everything is wholly lost.” These literal losses were as if life was forcing me to change in ways that said that I could not go into this new reality if I was carrying around baggage from my past.


It is only now that I feel like putting pen to paper, so I would like to pick up from where I left off by taking you on a journey to a far away land where the events that were happening seemed to be paralleling my life.


My last post was on October 2, 2013 and at the end of that month I was invited by Sibyl English, the founder of to give a speech along with other speakers at the Wellness and Spirituality Expo in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, where the proceeds from the event would be donated to the Casa Organization to stop violence against women and children in San Miguel.

Brochure of Wellness & Spirituality Expo

Wellness and Spirituality Brochure

I hesitantly accepted as on one hand I was wildly excited but on the other hand, like most people, one of my greatest fears was public speaking.  However, I looked forward to my new adventure where I embarked upon a week-long tour of a most beautiful historic Colonial city that sits on a vortex about 7000 feet above sea-level where the hill-like streets are cobbled and lined on either side by long continuous walls painted mostly in yellow or burnt sienna and punctuated with doors made of wood or wrought iron depicting entrances to people’s houses or businesses. (you never know which) And even though the houses are connected and the streets are teeming with cars and people hustling and bustling; somehow behind those walls, you feel insulated as if nothing is happening outside.

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The town is filled with ex-pats who come there to retire, many of whom are artists who still live out their passion and sell their work. Behind those walls, the houses depict the Spanish architecture of entering a court yard before entering the main house.  Most of the houses are constructed on three levels with the communal areas leading out to an enclosed garden on the first level, the bedrooms on the second level and a roof top terrace overlooking the city on the third level. We stayed at a most charming hacienda with two fire places as being in a desert, the days would go into the seventies; however, the nights would dip into the forties at that time of the year. Outdoor had a beautiful covered patio with a spiral staircase leading to the roof. Adjoining the patio was the most enchanted garden with a water fountain.

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Sibyl took our group which comprised the speakers she had invited on a tour of the city, and the week was filled mostly with dining at her friend’s houses and at restaurants, as the town is literally filled with eating establishments as most of the retirees who live there spend much of their time socializing with each other. The town is so small that everyone knows everyone and there is no need really to have a car. People hail these green taxis that drive up and down the streets and pay three dollars each way to get where they are going. And it doesn’t take more than 5 minutes to get anywhere in town.  We even had our personal taxi driver that we would call wherever we wanted to get around.

Out Taxi Driver, Martin

Our Taxi Driver, Martin

We visited La Gruta which is a hot springs where the water is captured in three outdoor pools with one of them adjoining a tunnel made out of stones that lead to an underground pool where you can stand under a water fall flowing out of a simple PVC pipe. Talk about being in a sauna as the temperature of the water is about 100 degrees Fahrenheit. We spent the day relaxing in the water and having lunch in an outdoor garden.

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The trip would not be complete if we didn’t visit the Casa Organization where we were taken on a tour of the grounds. The center provides daycare for children and a place for mothers to find the support and the help they need to raise their families. We met some of the children and we learnt about the outreach programs to help educate the community about domestic violence.

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That inspired me even more as I gave my speech on Shame which is the foundation of my book, An Awakening, Mapping Your Dream, Vol. 1, as abuse in the form of domestic violence is one of the major ways that Shame is passed on. Giving the speech was also a time of growing and changing for me to push me out of my comfort zone of being an introvert and to step into the persona of being a public speaker, something that has give me much fear and trepidation as I previously mentioned. So one of the things I did before going on my trip was to spend some time dismantling these fears through some of the techniques which I teach in my book.

The highlight of my trip though was the Day of the Dead celebrations which were also happening that week. These events were a figurative expression of what I was experiencing which I will describe in detail in my next post.  I just want to close by saying that as I burn bridges to an old reality, I still feel disoriented like a turtle without its shell not having any concrete directions at this time; however,  I am so excited  as I build bridges to new reality, and most of all I want to say, “it feels good to be back.”

Must I Compete


Competition is an assumption that someone else in your market place is vying for the same money, the same clients, or the same business as you. This whole concept of competition is based on scarcity, the idea that there is not enough for both you and your competitors to have as much as you want.

Competition makes sense in fear-based reality. A reality that says rocks are hard and water is wet, and that’s just the way the world is. In a reality that says, take before you are taken, that you must fight for what you want because the world is cruel and harsh and there is not enough for everyone. It makes sense in a dog-eat-dog world of corporate greed where the big guys take all and the little guys get squashed as confirmed by the mission statement of companies such as Walmart which is to “dominate the world.”

It is reinforced by advertisements such as one that is currently being aired by Chase bank promoting the use of their credit card. In the advertisement they end with this quote: “Chase…so you can.”  Every time I watch it, I shout, “No you don’t want to do that!” You never want to have to run after anything—that means it is not within your reach.

That is the ultimate of scarcity. In the frequency of scarcity everything is in short supply which leaves you with very little choice. Manifestation and scarcity energies do not mix. They function in entirely different frequencies, so if you are competing and chasing after, know that you are operating in scarcity and you are on the short end of the stick.

Competition also breeds jealousy. Jealousy is when you think somebody has something that you feel you should have instead. It’s like you want what they have, but they’ve got it, so now you are going to have to go out and really work hard to find other ways to get what you want.

Jealousy is a simple identification with that other person as that person should have been me. Jealousy can also bring a tremendous amount of anger and blame at that other person for having what you want.  And that’s why many people who become successful become targets of the jealousy of other people as they wish and hope for an opportunity to sabotage and tear them down. Be careful with the energy of jealousy. You will always limit your prosperity, your abundance, and the amount of love you can receive, if you judge others who can receive apparently more than you.

So must you compete? There are people who are trying their best to have successful businesses, and yet it is difficult not to fall into the current model of competition which can also lead to jealousy. The current model of running a business to put it in one word is to become a workaholic, to push and drive because by golly you are competing and you’ve got to out compete.

However, the energy of the workaholic is the energy of not enough. In this energy you feel you are not successful enough. You always feel like you are not doing enough, and you always have to be doing more because you are competing with these other people and if you don’t run faster and harder than them, then they are going to take over and make the big bucks and leave you behind.

The truth is you don’t have to compete. Competition exists because of a belief in lack and a belief in fear of failure. So here’s what you can do.

The first thing to know is that there is no competition because you can create whatever you choose. There are statisticians out there that will tell you that your market is so big and only so much of the pie can be yours. Don’t fall for it. Statistics don’t count. They don’t make any difference. You are the one that makes all the difference. As a reality creator, you are creating your clients and your business. You came into this world with talents, strengths and capabilities that are unique to you. As such, nobody is going after the same market as you and you don’t need to compete against anyone.

If you will let your talents, strengths and capabilities be an expression of what my dear unseen friends Galexis calls the 3 Divine Channels of Creativity as opposed to doing whatever you do solely for money, you will find that you will be fulfilled and you probably will make lots of money because you will be doing what you love. When you base what you do according to money, you probably won’t be successful because you are making money more important than you.

The 3 Divine Channels of Creativity as described by Galexis are as follows:

  1. The first is to Love, Touch and Heal which is to connect with others, to give and receive energy to love, touch and heal.
  2. The second one is to create, to imagine, to dream, to put together something that’s fun for you, to activate your own energy, your passion, your drive and your divine flow.
  3. The third channel is to learn, to grow and to expand your awareness of yourself as a Divine Being.

Try activating any one of these three channels in whatever you do and see if you don’t find your life and your business running more smoothly.

And finally, look at a person who is successful and who is happy and enjoying what it is that you have been desiring and raise your resonance by inspiration to a level where you too can participate and experience that same joy and success that they have. You do it by saying, “This person is an inspiration for me. If they can have it, I can too. I want that for me and I choose that for me.” And rather than being jealous of them, celebrate in their success knowing that there is more than enough to go around.