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Suzanne Hosang

Suzanne Hosang

Hello, I am Suzanne Hosang. I hail from Kingston, Jamaica; however, I migrated to Miami, Florida at the age of 15. At that determining age, my heritage was already ingrained in me, so I am one of those transplants who has never lost her roots. As such, I have decided to aptly subtitle my blog, “Let’s Labrish,” as, in patois— the language spoken by the locals—“to labrish,” means to chat.

My home land has been the incubator for who I am. It is an island which is surrounded by sunshine and crystal clear salt waters; with mountains that touch the sky, and valleys vegetated by lush tropical foliage. There are rivers that feed waterfalls, and white sand beaches that people visit to refresh their souls and their spirits. It is a place where the earth truly loves herself. Yet, on the other hand, it has its savagery and brutality, generating artists such as Bob Marley to use reggae music as an expression for the woes of the people that come out of the cruelty of poverty. It is that dichotomy which has made me who I am.

I own a plant nursery in South Florida. Working with plants is just natural to me. This spills over into my personal garden, and into the Faerie Realm, and the all encompassing realm of Fire, Water, Air and Earth. Somehow, it’s in my blood and runs through my veins.

I have studied metaphysics all my life and I am also an energy healer. Being an energy healer came in the later years; however, it is what I consider myself, first and foremost.

I also keep animals. I have dogs, cats, birds and fish. Working with animals is my passion and compassion. I am one of those people who get suckered into picking up animals off the street. I used to breed birds for a hobby. Now I basically keep them as pets.

I also work with crystals out of the earth. I consider these sentient beings my friends.

These are the things that I will be talking about. The range is broad…so, Let’s Labrish.


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My name is Suzanne Hosang. I am an Author, Blogger and Healer My passion is working with plants, animals and crystals.

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